Substance Abuse

Mission Statement

The mission of Cumberland River Behavioral Health’s Residential, Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Programs is to ensure all members of our community who choose to attend one of our programs an opportunity to achieve their highest potential for living satisfying, productive and valued lives.  To this end, we are dedicated to developing, organizing and efficiently utilizing resources to plan and provide quality Substance Use Disorder services for all populations.  Our goal is to provide effective, efficient and up-to-date substance abuse education and treatment services to all participating in treatment in the Cumberland River catchment area.  We strive to provide assessments, followed by appropriate education or treatment services.

We endeavor to maintain a reputable program that successfully meets the state of Kentucky’s requirements for AODE programs and maintain compliance with Kentucky Medicaid Regulations, 908 KAR 1:370.


ASL Interpreter services are arranged and available for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals.  Specific language interpreting accommodations are reviewed and assessed on an individual basis.

TTY Toll Free 1-888-640-9335

Outpatient Treatment Services:

Cumberland River Behavioral Health offers Outpatient Substance Abuse Services in Bell, Clay, Harlan, Jackson, Knox, Laurel, Rockcastle and Whitley Counties. Outpatient Treatment can consist of a variety of services including Assessment, Education, Individual, Group and Family Therapy as well as DUI Services.  Dual Disorder Services are also offered for people diagnosed with both Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders.  Referrals can also be made to Vocational Services and Self Help Groups.


Intensive Outpatient Services:

CRBH’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) meets in a group setting and is therapeutic counseling for individuals in need of a more intense substance abuse treatment program. With most other outpatient counseling, the therapist meets with the client only one to two times a month. for an hour at a time. Clients in the IOP meet with the therapist a minimum of six hours each week. In order to graduate from IOP, a client must attend for a minimum of 12 weeks. Each session lasts two to 3 three hours.  Continued Care and Aftercare Groups are also offered as a part of the program to sustain treatment progress.  CRBH’s Intensive Outpatient Program is based on the Matrix Model, and is offered in Corbin, Harlan, London, Pineville, Middlesboro, Manchester and Independence House.

Intensive Outpatient can be an option for someone who identifies a need for intensive treatment but does not want to leave their home.

Alcohol and Drug Counseling is available for individuals of all ages experiencing problems with alcohol and drug use. All privacy issues are adhered to according to state and federal laws. Services include crisis intervention, active involvement in drug courts throughout the region, individual and family counseling and residential treatment programs for men and women. For outpatient treatment, including DUI Services, contact your local Comprehensive Care Center.

Case Management is available for pregnant women who are experiencing problems with alcohol or drugs. These services include assessments, links to community resources, monitoring and advocacy.

Regional Prevention Center:  The Regional Prevention Center (RPC) is a prevention program that collaborates with individuals and communities in an effort to reduce risk factors that contribute to alcohol, tobacco, other drug use/misuse.  RPC assists community residents, leaders, coalitions, and other groups in coming together to discuss their community’s strengths and needs and to develop a comprehensive prevention plan according to the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF).  The SPF uses a five-step process to help communities identify, manage, and evaluate their substance abuse prevention and mental health needs.  Prevention specialists are available to provide consultation and technical assistance by offering information on effective prevention programs and strategies and how to adapt them to individual situations and communities.  They also provide services that build capacities of individuals and communities to promote healthy environments, lifestyles, and behaviors.  A resource library is located within the Regional Prevention Center office that contains information such as brochures, videos, and curricula on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, as well as suicide prevention.  For more information contact Regional Prevention Center of Cumberland River Behavioral Health, Inc. at (606) 337-2070.


KY Moms Maternal Assistance Towards Recovery

The KY Moms Maternal Assistance Towards Recovery program welcomes all women who are pregnant or who have just delivered in the past two months.  There are workshops hosted by KY Moms Maternal Assistance Towards Recovery that is held monthly at local health departments and libraries.  There are eight different counties that receive services, Bell, Clay, Laurel, Harlan, Jackson , Knox, Rockcastle and Whitley.  The Healthy Babies class is the first of three workshops, which last two hours.  Each participant will receive incentives for attending. All eligible participants will receive important information on avoiding hazards while pregnant, depression, and unhealthy relationships.  Participants may bring guests with them to the class.

During the Healthy Babies class expectant and new moms will receive a Level One Assessment to determine if more services are needed.  The KY Moms Maternal Assistance Towards Recovery program also has a Case Manager who works directly with expectant and new moms.  If a client is eligible for case management services they will receive support, encouragement, community resources, education, and referral for additional services.  Each participant also receives added incentives for participating in the program such as Wal-Mart gift cards and baby items.

The KY Moms Maternal Assistance Towards Recovery program also offers additional classes for women who are at risk for Substance Abuse.  Risk factors include family history, friends or partners who use drugs or alcohol.  The Selective class is a seven hour class that is scheduled every two to three months.  Prime for Life curriculum is used in the class.  Each participant will received a better understanding on substance abuse and how heredity can affect choices.  A month before class a letter of invitation will be mailed out to at risk participant who previously attended a Healthy Babies class.  Each participant who attends the Selective Class will receive breakfast, lunch, and incentives for attending.  The Indicated class is a three hour class that is a continuation of the Prime for Life curriculum. each participant will receive incentives for attending the Indicated class.


DUI Services:

Cumberland River Behavioral Health is licensed by DBHDID as a Provider of DUI Services. CRBH Has Certified DUI Assessors available in each county in our region.  Upon completion of the Kentucky DUI Assessment Instrument, the Assessor will make a referral to the most appropriate level of care appropriate for the client’s needs.  This can include 20 Hour Education, outpatient, Intensive Outpatient and Residential Services.

DUI Program Fees include

  • Outpatient Treatment Sessions   $20.00/session
  • DUI Assessment    $40.00
  • 20 Hour Program    $225.00, payable at the first session


Residential Services:


Crossroads is a  30 day intense, non-medical residential substance abuse treatment program for men. Located in Corbin,KY., Crossroads has been in existence for 25 years and primary serves our eight county area. However, referrals are accepted statewide. Transitional living services are available to those in need of additional treatment at the completion of the thirty days.
This program is based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, and NA/AA meetings are in-house. The admission fee is $400.00; additional charges are based on the individual’s ability to pay. *Out of state referrals are expected to pay full fee. Referrals are accepted 24 hours/day. Call (606)526-9552

Cumberland Hope Community (CHC) in Evarts, KY is an intensive residential social recovery program with the capacity for one hundred women. The recovery process consists of 4 separate components; total time in the various program components is flexible, ranging from 9 months to 2 years, depending upon the motivation and needs of each resident. The mission of Cumberland Hope Community, LLC. is to provide hope to homeless women suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. The program is a peer-driven model with the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous being primary in the recovery process. Through education and an intense long-term recovery approach, we aid individuals in moving toward personal accountability and empowerment for re-entry into healthy relationships, employment and a sense of belonging in the community.  Call (606)837-0100


Independence House:  The Independence House is an Award Winning program primarily for Pregnant and Post-Partum Women located in Corbin, KY.   It is a non-medical facility based on the 12 Step Model of Recovery.  The program promotes an atmosphere of honesty, open mindedness, cooperation, love and sobriety.  At the Independence House women will have an opportunity to learn to provide for themselves emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  The Independence House is a 15 bed facility and annually serves approximately 100 women.

Presently the Independence House has 2 Phases; the first being a very structured and educational Phase lasting 40 days and the second phase for the pregnant ladies who can remain in treatment up until 30 days after they deliver their baby.

Phase 1 is very structured requiring the clients keep a strict schedule not only for groups but also for chores and meal preparation for which they are responsible. During this phase clients are educated about the disease of addiction and are required to attend groups pertaining to Adult Children of Alcoholics traits, Domestic Violence, Guilt/Shame, Positive Thinking, Parenting, Grief, Triggers/Cravings, Anger Management, Stress Reduction, Child Development, Spirituality, STD/AIDS Education, Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships, and Relapse Prevention.  The Independence House has incorporated 4 distinguished curriculums into its education: 28 Day Sober Living, Recovery Dynamics, Living in Balance, and Seeking Safety.  Clients are required to meet with their primary counselor at least 3 times weekly as well for individual counseling.

Pregnant women transition straight into Phase 2 after completion of Phase 1 and as the education about one’s addiction continues; clients in Phase 2 begin to work on issues relating to effective functioning in the community. Phase 2 clients are required to work if medically possible, maintain a budget, pay rent, and maintain a savings account based on their income.  Clients can also attend GED classes and Parenting Classes.  Clients will continue their prenatal care and attend AA Women’s Services in Corbin where they can participate in the Earn and Learn program becoming educated about delivery and parenting styles and earn baby items including diapers, bottles, and a pack and play.

In Phase 2 clients are also be allowed to take family day passes weekly and 24 hour family passes once monthly. Depending on custody agreements, clients are also able to have overnight visits with their children at the facility.

Including positive support in our client’s lives is a key part of their recovery. Our clients have a family day visit every Sunday for 2 hours, any visitors are required to attend an hour long Family Day Meeting before their visits.  The Family Day meetings are desired to educate the family about addiction and recovery and the importance of family support in this process.  If requested staff will also provide family members with information about Al-Anon meetings in their area where they can receive help and support for themselves for the effect addiction has had on them.  Family Day meetings also include discussions about enabling, family roles, healthy ways to support their loved one in sobriety and recovery, as well as discussions about preventative measures to take and warning signs to watch for to help prevent a relapse.  Family members are also encouraged to be active participants in client’s pregnancy including attending prenatal appointments.

Discharge planning for our clients is very important especially if they are completing our program with a newborn. Clients are scheduled outpatient substance abuse appointments in their area as well as mental health appointments if necessary before completion.  Clients are advised of the importance of completing 90 meetings in 90 days and obtaining a Sponsor.

We work in collaboration with many community resources to provide our clients with multifaceted services and supports including Whitley County Health Department, AA Women’s Services, Whitley County Adult Education, Women’s Health Associates, and Baptist Health Hospital-Corbin.   We are also able to provide many wrap around services through Cumberland River Behavioral Health’s 8 county coverage, Children’s Programs, and Stabilization Units.  Call (606)523-9386